dick inches

Arbitrary (and usually incorrect) units of measurement used mostly by males. Derives from men overestimating their penis size. Dick inches are much shorter than actual inches. Hence a guy can claim to have a 9 inch penis when it is actually closer to 5-6 inches. The term "dick inches" is usually used when over-estimating non-penis measurements.

fellow one: "Finally! There's a parking spot!"
fellow two: "No way, man...You can't park within 30 feet of a stop sign."
fellow one: "There's plenty of room."
fellow two: "Yeah, only if you're measuring in dick inches."

by Char H April 19, 2007

the missing inch

The left over piece of flesh after penis reduction surgery. The penis is reduced in size due to the fact that obtaining an erection is impossible because of the massive length.

Douglas Hardy found the missing inch. In order to never lose it again, he put it in a mason jar full of paraffin and stores it on Mandy's dresser table.

by poja August 3, 2004

Internet inch

An exaggerated unit of measurement used online. When someone claims anything is a certain amount of inches online, those are Internet inches. The actual amount of inches in reality is significantly less.

Toph told Misty he had a 10 inch penis in the chat room. Misty knew that was Internet inches. The real size was much smaller.

by Goldengamingod August 26, 2011

Reserve Inch

When you're having sex with a girl for the first time, don't insert your penis all the way in, leave at least an inch outside the vagina. So in the case that the girl asks you to "go deeper" you have some dick left to give her.

She's asked me to go deeper, lucky I still had my reserve inch. Phew!

I forgot to leave a reserve inch, when she asked me to go deeper I couldn't and she laughed in my face.

by bigtoughgary January 9, 2015

6 inches

about the size of half a foot-long sandwich

hey, dude, can you share that foot-long
ok man here have 6 inches

by notfive April 21, 2020

inch resting

a slang way of saying the word “interesting,” especially when texting

“Hey, I just learned this cool fact about grasshoppers.”
“Oh, inch resting.”

“This guy I barely know just flirted with me. Inch resting.”

by mry July 3, 2019

internet inches

The term for the amount of exageration when posting the size of your penis using the english measurement system.

Guy1: How long is your penis?
Guy2: 7 inches...
Guy1: So that's like 8 and a half adding internet inches.

by Limon_ August 1, 2006