Bitch Inch

The last inch of a beer that gets warm and left behind for a fresh cold one.

Guy #1: Are you ready for another beer?

Guy #2: Yeah, I'm ready.

Guy #1: I don't think so, I see a bitch inch in there. Finish that up then I'll get you one.

by D Ward Free May 20, 2014

The Hidden Inch

A covert technique used by men during sex when you reach behind and pulls your ball sac back and away from your body; this action enables your penis to extend forward hence revealing your hidden penile inch. Most effective on women you fuck for the first time and during doggy style when your partner is unaware of your activity.

I fucked my girl good last night, I gave her the hidden inch!

That bitch thinks I have a big dick but I fooled her with my hidden inch!

by steelerstevo April 21, 2015

secret inch

The amount of the penile shaft that is hidden by a fully grown out pubic bush.

Guy 1: “man, my dick is not looking too impressive today... I hope she thinks I’m big enough...”
Guy 2: “make sure you’re clean shaven! You’ll gain access to the secret inch!”
Guy 1: *shaves* “Woah! Now you can see all two inches!”

by peeemthreek July 20, 2018

inch resting

noun. an ironic alternative of interesting. the term comes from the mispronunciation.

oh wow that's really INCH resting...

by daturana May 30, 2018

6 inches

She wanted 12 inches, so I fucked her twice.

See above. See above. ^^

by teh133735t March 4, 2005

Girl inches

“Girl inches” refer to when a girl thinks a guys dick is much bigger than it actually is. This is partly due to guys over exaggerating their size.
So when a girl sees a dick thats around 6 inches, she’ll think its 8 or 9.

Guy 1: I was with amy the other night, she really liked what I was packing

Guy 2: Maybe in girl inches..

by Leftonreplied November 10, 2019

Evil Inch

The last inch of a forty ounce that’s way too warm to finish.

Yo!!! There’s no way I’m going to down the evil inch. That’s nasty!!!

by The Mayor of York June 8, 2022