Inching is the action of attracting or otherwise inciting a person’s arousal through touch and without verbal exchange. It requires a very gradual, tentative seduction that commonly begins with “innocent” or “accidental” contact, which progresses in response to reciprocation from the recipient (or discontinues by their cessation).

The ambiguity of consent is likely to result in it being considered unlawful sexual harassment if malicious intent is proven. However, the extremely gradual nature of the action means it rarely develops beyond ‘innocent’ without some sort of reciprocal activity, implying consent and reducing likelihood of legal justification.


Some girl started inching with me on the bus, it was actually really hot and she ended up giving me head.

I think Dan might have tried inching with me in the cinema. It was weird.

by Damn!Bot November 14, 2015


A unit of measurement, often exaggerated by men accross the world.

Theres a ten incher in my trousers..

by spylad August 10, 2003


Antiquated measurement unit, redefined in the 20th century to be exactly 25.4 millimetres in size. Not of much use in the modern age is it lacks precision, quality and beauty. Much better to use millimetres or centimetres instead.

Get rid of inches and give us cm instead

by Avoura December 3, 2005


The unit that a penis is measured in.

My penis is an inch.

by Dirty Dan March 12, 2003


A rating system for the male penis.

10+ inches = the elite
8 - 9 inches = the average user
6 - 7 = disdavantages
5- = tragic

the inch has a very powerful affect on a mans confidence

the guy had a 5 inch cock so we threw him out of the sex club and went around the city making poster saying "timothy has a very small penis"

timothy later killed himself by hacking off his knob

by dood November 13, 2004


The small strech of skin between the asshold and the balls/vagina.

Noun: 1. He wanted me to give him a rim job, but his asshole was a little nasty. So I licked his inch instead. 2. I tried to jump that fence between ours' and the Smiths yard, but I slipped on the post and smacked my inch.
3. I don't know how I got a streak of crap in that area of my underwear -- under my balls. When am I going to learn to wipe my ass from the back... and not from my butt hole up my inch.

by bobber August 3, 2004

7.4 inches

The length Laurenz claims his tool is.

"I've got 7.4 inches."

by Timo Teo September 22, 2008