What girls say to other girls with long hair

Keke:why tamia mom let her get a sew in?
Lysha:girl that’s real hair
Keke:dangggg she got inches!

by Tamia.luvs.2pac October 30, 2017


When one is going for a run with comrads, one can use the term inches in place of minutes. The number of inches is proportional to the length of the run. 90 minutes would be about 9 inches, while 30 minutes would represent about 4 inches. The conversion factor may change depending on one's own opinions.

1. Dude, I ran a 15:20 5k yesterday, my legs are shot, lets only go for like 4 inches.

2. -Yo, you want to go for a moderately long run?
- yeah, definitely, lets go like 8 inches.

by Harry, Divino, Brewer and Co. May 23, 2008


An insulting name that is used to mockingly exaggerate a short person's height by measuring it in inches rather than feet.

How it is, Inches? We're about to go shoot some hoops. No, you're too short to be on my team, Inches. Hahahaha!

by T Hizzle May 3, 2005


a unit of currency that describes the thickness of a stack of one-hundred dollar bills used as payment for services rendered by very good prostitutes; coined in the film The World Is Not Enough

Zukovsky: Bull, give them an inch.
Bull gives each girl an inch-thick stack of cash, and the three of them start to leave.
Zukovsky: And make sure they lose it in this casino, huh?

by yourpseudonymhere April 6, 2009


Used to define how many hours you are working that day, usually used when a shift is long. It is meant to convey the feeling of working in a low-paid, mindless job for long hours, and the feeling of being raped by your multinational corporation scum employer by an inch per hour.

Homebase Employee 1: "dude, how long are you working today?"
Homebase Employee 2: "the whole 8 inches"
Homebase Employee 1: "Shit man, that is RAPE!"

by Jim March 11, 2005


Adjective to describe somebody who is cocky, rude, and derogatory, and in a situation where he/she is putting down others or making fun of the situation.

Person A: Yo, what happened to you, you used to be so skinny and now you so fat
Person B: Why you so inch

by uvadtmfub March 2, 2018

An Inch

An Inch is huge, easily the largest measurement known to man, an inch can do a lot, it really can. I’m simply lost for words typing this just thinking of the Colossal size an inch brings.

Don’t worry about what the girls say, listen to the boys, an inch is huge.

by WeReadYourWordsInMathClass March 3, 2023