A feature in a software, tracing its requirement has inadvertent consequences.

Google apologises for 'inadvertently' adding UIDAI toll-free number to Android phones in India

by speleothem August 5, 2018


accidentally and without intention

Neighbor - I just thought I'd stop in to say Happy Birthday to your dog, but I inadvertently ended up having sex with your Wife.

Husband - That's cool, accidents happen.

by sweetjimmy September 1, 2014

inadvertent dating

when you're hanging out with a friend of the opposite sex who actually thinks you're dating....as does the rest of the world

P: R and I have so much fun hanging out

T: Ummm...that's inadvertent dating

by eyebroccoli February 22, 2012

inadvertant snitching

snitching doing something indirectly that will result in your arrest

stealing a car with a tail-light out, or a bumper sticher that says "I LUV DRUGS"

by pAco April 15, 2004

Inadvertent Omelet

When the whipped eggs go into the pan then you suddenly realize you have all the good veggies 🌶 hiding in the fridge to quickly wash chop and cook before the eggs cook all the way through. Clock's ticking!

Started cooking scrambled eggs in the pan then suddenly realized I had all the complimentary veggies hiding in the fridge to make an inadvertent omelet happen before the point of no return.

by The Reclaimed Chef November 5, 2019

Inadvertent ingenuity

Doing the right thing at the right time, without knowing what you are doing. Dumb luck.

John fixed the connection with inadvertent ingenuity and a Swiss Army knife.

by Chefspam January 3, 2014

Inadvertent Return

When your partner vomits semen on you immediately post fellatio. This inadvertent return of semen is usually caused by the taste of the seminal fluid, the receiving partner having mental block to swallowing or the giving partner hitting a gag reflex.

I had to change clothes after Sally had an inadvertent return after I came in her mouth. She puked all over my stomach and lap.

by Jimmy2Shits March 31, 2022