Grey sweatpants

If a guy wears Grey sweatpants you can see his d**k.

Rachel: did you know jake is wearing grey sweatpants?

Sally: Really, omg I want to see!

by Illuminate 74759485 April 6, 2017

Grey Sweatpants

Grey sweatpants is when a boy where’s grey sweat pants purposely for girls/others to see their pp bulge.

Lacy: Did you see aiden wearing those grey sweatpants!?
Kerry: OMG yes, he did it for us to see!

by LaffeeeTaffeee December 18, 2019

grey sweatpants

The pants that you should wear when you hang with your girl;)

Girlfriend:"You should comeover today, oh and wear your grey sweatpants"

by FBGMx2 March 13, 2016

Grey Sweatpants

You have a big Dick

You should wear your grey sweatpants more often

by Boolin2345_Yur May 1, 2019

grey sweatpants

the guys version of nike pros

chad: yo bro did you see her in nike pros?

brad: yeah i told her she looked hot and gave me a boner and she said that grey sweatpants make her get butterflies

by acdudley16 July 13, 2022

Grey Sweatpants Season

Fuck hoodie season. Grey sweatpants season is when all the boys wear grey sweatpants or give their grey sweats to their girl on Dec 1st - Jan 1st. 🥰

“Omg have you seen Alex and his grey sweats? They are so hot 🥵”
“It’s Grey Sweatpants Season so steal ya mans sweatpants!”

by A_person038 December 2, 2019

Wear Grey Sweatpants Day

On November 15 every boy needs to wear grey sweatpants to raise awareness for all single ladies and the day of asking them out.

Boys wear grey sweatpants and ask the girl, boy or person you like out on a date.

Girl: wow he is wearing sweatpants I wonder if he is going to ask someone out.
Wear grey sweatpants day needs to happen

by Yo need love November 4, 2019