Fasho means " for sure ". Fa: for, Sho: sure.

For sure means something you are TOTALLY sure about.

She wouldn't have any trouble distracting a man, that's fasho.

by PONFIU October 16, 2020


Fasho is “ for sure”, but a more dope way of saying it.

“Hey Keshawn are we goin’ to McDonald’s?” “Fasho Tom, we’ll go in 5”

by Hahafnaon May 12, 2019


Fasho....comes from modern day ghetto. Fasho simply translates to for sure....basically, it means YES. Sick of all you 52's askin what it mean. Also, there are words derived from fasho- such as- Fasheezy, Fashizzle, Fashigadale, Fashigadeliani, Fashells, Fashellians, Fashaganoff, and my personal favorite, FADAMNSHO.

Yo, you cop the new Chamillion CD?


You wanna cut out 4th period and get food?


what do you think Talisa?


by Jason, TEH GB. September 22, 2004


Fasho means anxiety, depression and adhd all in one. Also its means you cant tilt him even if you want it to. People call themself "Fasho" also play Shaco character.

I been Fasho fencered. Damn it ! Fasho Fake ! Tercihler Açıklanmış Fasho.

by byCjz August 31, 2021


Is a short way to say "For Sure"

-Nick, do you wanna come over my house to watch the game?
-Oh, yea "fasho"

by jOsEpH17330 September 6, 2007


Lazy way of saying: for sure

Tyrone: Sup Nigga, wanna get some crack?

Tyrese: Fasho

by panachronic July 7, 2003


For sure; yes; okay

- Adjective
without doubt or question

"wanna go to that party tonight"
"fasho ... i'm down"

by ayyyydubz :] July 11, 2008