This textual acronym can either mean "fuck you/yourself" or "fuck yeah."

Example 1 (fuck you): FY YOU STUPID ASSHOLE.
Example 2 (fuck yeah): FY! SCHOOL IS FINALLY OVER!

by fhk x3 January 1, 2017


Short for fuck you

Youre shit
FY man

by Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 16, 2017


"FY" is the abbreviation word for "For you ;)". It is used to show an unconditional and sincere appreciation for what someone just said to you by returning the same compliment. It always follows the word "Thank you for you".
Fun fact: "FY" is used a lot in Azerbaijan.

Pascal received presents from both of his friends during Christmas
Pascal: Oh wow, Christmas presents, thank you for you!
Julien: No, no, no, no, NO. Thank YOU for YOU.
Will: FY.

by Kazgrum December 21, 2016

Fy fy

Disapproval in Danish

Lars: Did you eat the cake?
Bente: Yea! I did!
Lars: And you didn’t fucking share?! Fy fy!

by Nah no name needed November 10, 2018


Fuck Your Self

go fys the hell outa here

by misty_mtl December 1, 2009

Fy Fy

Straight up fire

Zoe: Did you see his shoes?
Charlie: Yes! They are fy fy

by StirFryAndTheRamenNoodles August 26, 2018


Fuck Yo Shit

If it's not your job than you say FYS

girl: can i borrow your car very fast?? just need to go down the block pick up the groceries.
guy: FYS

girl2: can you watch my little cousin just for a minute?
guy2: FYS

by pbsyp October 9, 2007