A person of the opposite gender which is not a significant other, but has enough "beyond friendship" feelings and possibilities attached to him/her that this person creates a major loss of productive time whenever s/he is available for contact.

The distraction is online. I won't get any homework done anytime soon.

by Distraction Central April 3, 2009


A self-created problem where another subject, object or person has brought your attention off of the activity, subject, object or person you were originally fixated on. This is usually caused by a lack of interest in the initial subject, or just plain weakness.

Guy 1 "You are a distraction."
Guy 2 " No, you just have a horrible attention span. Maybe you should work on ignoring your surroundings more."

by Glumpher October 20, 2011


Something used to pull the attention off of someone/thing that is much more important, such as Television, friends, food, sleep, etc... Often used to avoid boredom

Man, this homework is killing me, I need a distraction

by Luckyboy14 March 8, 2010


What you and your friends call someone (usually a girl) who wear's sexually suggestive clothes. Especially when the person makes you wet or hard (depending on your gender).

Jack: Hey dudes, look over there! It's Distraction!

Andrew: Oh-ho! Damn, 'aint she hot!

Sophia: Oh, it makes me wet just looking at those tights!

by I Totally Like Reading December 3, 2016


A new show (As of February 2005) on Comedy Central, it's alright.

There was this one bit where the host would give the capital of a country, and the contestants would have to name the country...The tricky bit is after they buzzed in, they'd get a bottle smashed over their head.

Host: Madrid
Contestant: *buzz*
Man: *smashes bottle over head of contestant*
Contestant: Duhh...uhh...Italy...

by A non-e-mouse February 4, 2005


A distraction is basical- oh wow... this is very distracting

A distraction is when something stops you from doing what you have to do.

by Henry stickmin September 9, 2020


Distractivity is what you’re doing when you get distracted from what you should be doing. It's generally what you want to do, often what you need to do, and arguably, what you’ll do best.

John wasn't making much progress on the company's annual report, so he welcomed the distractivity of working on his website.

by JohnGoodman January 25, 2010