Definition # 1

When multiple participants attempt to gain a limited resource.

Definition # 2

Something that is mostly good when you pay to see the participants, but something that is mostly bad when you participate to be paid.

Example # 1

John and Sam paid to see the football competition for their entertainment.

Example # 2

Joey could not win the essay competition for a college scholarship. Joey's early life is now ruined.

Example # 3

Being a programmer in the 90's was great. Twenty years later though, because of high competition, it no longer pays as well.

by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz June 1, 2020


To be competitive and not know the correct word to define it.

Sorry to get so serious during the game, I'm just really competitional.

by Go Tampa Bay Buccs February 8, 2011


A competition between women of two different breast sizes.

I went to this party and there were all these dumb girls trying to hook up with my boyfriend...but clearly, one look at my buxsome breasts said there was no competits.

by kerriswheel April 7, 2011


1. Of, involving, or determined by competition: competitive games. 2. Liking competition or inclined to compete: a highly competitive sales representative. 3. Biochemistry. Relating to the inhibition of enzyme activity that results from the reversible combination of an enzyme with an alternate compound and prevents normal substrate binding. –com·peti·tive·ly adv. –com·peti·tive·ness n.

They are very competitive.

by KawaiiAnime November 26, 2003


A city, person, or company doesn't need to be competitive. Being yourself even if it doesn't attract, or even repels people, is at least not compromising who or what you are to attract or impress people.

I'd rather live in a city that hasn't sold it's soul to developers and the real estate market that grows slowly over a city that sold out to get everyone to move there. I'd rather work for a company that didn't sell itself to grow bigger over one that did but became profitable. I'd rather be me than you or somebody else, no matter who hates me for it. How can anyone like someone uber competitive who will become anyone or anything to win at all costs?

by Solid Mantis December 9, 2020


Being more focused on victory, or the aspects like domination of an activity, than actual enjoyment of the activity for or by anybody else.

No wonder he/she wasnt thought of as fun to take to parties anymore by the people who once thought he/she was (some had never thought that he/she was fun to take anywhere or be around), he/she really thought of life as nothing but a competition, and had come up with spiritual answers to everything that other people didnt think were competition in life despite not really believing in any of the bullshit answers himself/herself. One thing a competitive person doesn't get is how much loss their is in a war that is considered won by the group that calls themselves the winners, they're too focused on the winning part to get it, despite claiming to be somehow deeper thinking than other people (depth is also no good if it turns into competitive bullshit). Focusing on something besides winning would actually cause them to look at negative things in themselves and other people and wonder if they're really such a winner that they claim to be, or whether it's just everybody else that is the bully, or the self-serving asshole, or the narcissist, or the negative influence.

by Solid Mantis July 21, 2020


Overly competitive with things that don't matter, and people really don’t care about.

Girl: Why are you so competitous when it comes to car subwoofers?
Guy: I needed fifteens to make my Geo Metro the shit!

by bahbahbooy July 7, 2006