1. Very large: Unusually or impressively large or huge.

2. Very great or impressive.

1. A colossal high-rise office building.
2. Those idiots made a colossal blunder.

by Jafje April 10, 2007


Used to describe a series of calamitous events that occur over a short period of time, that are either intrinsically linked, completely random, or fall somewhere in the middle.

Joey: Dude you won't believe what has just fuckin' happened to me over the last week!

Bret: What?

Joey: Well on Monday I got fuckin' burgled by pikey's. On Wednesday I wrote my car off. On Saturday my missus split with me cos I go no fuckin' money or car anymore. Then to top it off this morning I slipped up fell in some fuckin' douche!

Bret: Fuck man! Thats fuckin' colossal!

by Steeman February 13, 2006


a really big cock

His colossal dick gets him all the ladies.

by NA$HA July 20, 2010

colossal fatass

The largest form of fatass in the known universe, typical traits include eating, shitting, sleeping and eating while shitting. The stench from such a beast is fatal to anyone within a 5 meter radius

Bob:quit being such a colossal fatass and go for a walk
Joe: no can do, i gotta take a shit and eat supper, then sleep

by endlessnameless February 2, 2010

Colossal stoner

Few can consume enough cannabis to become one. A colossal stoner is the grand archmagister of the stoner kind. A colossal stoner's tolerance break lasts about half an hour. The period between each joint when he/she is not smoking is just about as long as the time it takes to roll another joint. If a colossal stoner greens out, their immediate action upon waking up is a wake&bake. A colossal stoner on average will have enough cannabinoids in their system to get arrested and charged for trafficking.

- "It sucks that your grandfather has Alzheimer's."
- "My grandfather doesn't have Alzheimer's, you insensitive prick, he's a colossal stoner."

by RoseTea February 15, 2012

Colossal Shitstorm

A shitstorm of such epically huge proportions that it blocks out the sun and throws the world into a stinky, everlasting night. Metaphorically, of course.

My mom found my Perc 30's. She is sharpening a knife, and my dad is preparing to waterboard me. What a colossal shitstorm I have screwed myself into!

by EDKirk January 19, 2011

Colossal is Crazy

Your typical judgmental clown on YouTube. Commentates in a similar fashion to Leafyishere, or Pyrocynical, but is far more offensive and uncaring. Ironically is friends with Keemstar, Leafy, and Pyrocynical-All who typically hate each other.

Believer in quality over quantity, and subsequently, releases videos rarely.

"Colossal is crazy uploaded a new video! Gosh it was boring waiting the equivalent of 3 Call of Duty releases!"

by jranthony98 October 18, 2016