Someome who thinks they're better than everyone and always talks shit.

"Temuulen Iderzul is a cocky bastard."

by TisAFag April 1, 2015


Someone is cocky, if he is being too self-confident and thinks that he is better than everybody

He began to shine. Now he is acting way too cocky

by Lootdown January 16, 2022


Being over self confidence and self assertive

''You cocky bastard.. quit acting like you're the man!''

by sweet jesus July 24, 2006


He is a very cocky arrogant asshole. Who only thinks of himself and nobody else. He is also known as a fuck boy.

He thinks he is is a badass which is cocky

by Blow me off August 23, 2016


Jamaican Patios slang for penis. Unlike North America, terms such as cock and dick are rarely used by Jamaicans and instead cocky, buddy or even penis, are preferred.

Vybz Kartel "Bicycle" from 2009

Mi wah yuh fi peddle an wheel
Pon dat big fat cocky
Ah guh longer den ah candle
An, hold on
Pon yuh two breast dem like di handle

Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle
Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle
Yuh love di lollipop
Yuh love di icycle
Mi dun tell yuh mi nuh wah nuh borin gyal
Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle
Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle
From mi love di weh yuh tounge
Ah tickle my nipple
Mi love wen yuh guh dung an hold ah

Artist: Vybz Kartel. Song: Bicycle. Riddim: Trippple Bounce. Year: 2009. Label: Renaissance. Producer: ZJ Chrome

by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo December 9, 2014


Someone who is overconfident in themselves.

Flems you are so damn cocky!

by Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy December 23, 2009


Arrogant because one has a large penis

Jimmy is so cocky because he has an 8-incher.

by awmm June 18, 2015