An STD , such as chlamydia

That bitch Alisha from north burning every nigga in the city

by Breezo March 24, 2018


V: to spread the std gonorea

that bitch dominique is burning niggas

by Big wayne April 9, 2003


A sexually transmitted disease when it burns when you pee

Man I've been burning ever since i fucked that hoodrat bitch Taiesha

by Redrum December 8, 2002


when your really angry about something that happened/didnt happen also see cut

tod: u missed the maddest footy game last night
eric: farout man i know i was BURNING

by srbby December 9, 2007


To annoy people when they are chilling. "To burn someones chill"

eg1. Jack stole Micks beer
Mick: WTF man! Stop burning and give me my beer back. I was well chill!


Dan: I'm thinking of inviting Jack to the party.
Mick: NO WAY! That douche is such a burner.

by Jord T May 12, 2009


Mixing MDMA (Ecstasy) with amphetamine. This is a dangerous mix that is warned against. "Burning" is yet to become a popular slang term.

Starting to "burn" at the end of "rolling" can make for a nice cushion.

I feel like burning tonight.

by Epigone July 18, 2005


to hang out or chill with friends

What are you doing later?

Burning with some friends.

by knowsitall765670 October 6, 2010