Set or declare someone from responsibility

The plaintiff brings a reasonable and credible charge against the defendant. It is quite evident that the defendant exercised influence and intimidation to create a result in his favor.
However, this is certainly not the only instance that the defendant has done so. Referencing one of his points of defense, in the previous polling result, the plaintiff was not only complicit in the extracurricular corruption (as were many others in the courtroom today), but he directly profited from that corruption by means of absolving a debt. It seems odd and irregular that a participant in a favorable corruption scheme, would bring charge against that exact same corruption when not in the plaintiff’s favor.
Polls are corrupt. Period. The means to fix them are not to bring charges against the party consistently working to further and deepen the corruption, but to not participate in the corruption at all, ever.
The court finds that the corrupt, vile, crooked, fraudulent, nefarious, rotten, and shady poll results will stand, whatever the result may be. If you desire a world in which the poll results are ethical, honest, and honorable, DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN SCHEME'S.

by LCFBP6 September 24, 2021


made up word for a song lol

sinless but no absolvation

by ColaGhost March 7, 2023