a fire deptartment term for a shift, they work every 3rd day. smug little fuckers who think they are better than the other two shifts. They will use any excuse to inflate their heads cause they think the KOOL-AID they drink together makes them super firefighter. They tell how much training they do, but it involves coffee and the price is right.

I'd rather be a cop than an A-shifter.

God made A-shift to give the other 2 shifts a day off

B-shifter to an A-shifter- "so did you guys clean the truck?"

A-shifter- "NO! we where too busy drinking KOOL-AID! and we ran 2 calls so we where way to busy to take time to clean the truck!"

by C-Shift October 8, 2009


One of the fire departments 3 shifts. Training involves checking cracks in their eye lids and making sure the dexterity of the couches doesn't diminish. These ass clowns arnt worried about how clean the engine is because its just a work truck and they only have time to run calls because they are so busy with "training" otherwise. If you like being a worthless piece of shit this is the shift for you!

A-shifter: "Hey guys, I know i just got food from lunch all over the floor but i have to make sure the couch is stable enough for my fat ass so ill be over there"

B-shifter to A-shifter: "I took a shit this morning, looked down and there you were floating in the toilet. I said what the hell are you doin here so early this morning? let me help you out, flush!

by Jack Sean March 12, 2012


Going to another Parallel reality.

"I wanna go to Hogwarts for real"
"Try Shifting"

by mrmalfoyswifey September 28, 2020

the shift

what irish people call snogging or making out

a fridget has never had the shift

i got the shift last night

he got shifted at school

she has never had the shift


by ginger gurl February 26, 2013


the act of transporting oneself to a different reality. Popularized from tiktok and Amino.

“I tried shifting to hogwarts last night but i fell asleep

by user63836826 September 29, 2020


Used to describe a french kiss in Ireland

Did ya shift him/her last night? Meaning did you kiss him / her(tongue action involved!)
You shifted the face of him/her last night (You were kissing him/ her passionately last night!)

by silverstar May 14, 2013

on shift

usully asked by crack heads wondering if you sell crack

hey man are you on shift?

by Shock Docta April 18, 2006