A person who is the 3rd generation of that name passed on by parents in a row... He is usually a big guy who wants to join the army, has big hands and is very very strong

3rd that guy is strong he must be a 3rd

by Golden nigga July 16, 2016


It is suppose to pronounced as three-erd
not "third", whoever created this dumbass shit is probably stupid.

IT'S PRONOUNCED "three-erd"

Friend: Dang, I got 3rd place in the spelling bee

Me: It's pronounced "Three-erd"

Friend: What the fuck is wrong with you?

by FoolishBaboon November 8, 2020

3rd of December

You give someone your sweater or you just sit back and cries because no one give a damn about you.

Wdym he gave her his sweater his my boyfriend and he loves me. Damn it's the 3rd of December he had no moment to loose

by myssoufa January 6, 2021

December 3rd

the day Conan received the polyester sweater from his crush but Heather ruined the moment.

It’s December 3rd so fuck all Heathers

by cali mikeska May 9, 2020

December 3rd

National say yes to the person who asks you out day. If someone asks you out you HAVE to say yes. No matter what.

Girl: Hey can you go out with me?
Boy: Uhh no.
Girl: Its December 3rd
Boy: Sh**

by lalasksks November 19, 2019

December 3rd

National Quitter's Day

Named after notorious coward and quitter Mark Turgeon, who famously quit on his team 4 weeks into the season on December 3, 2021.

If you think something is even slightly too difficult, wait until December 3rd to quit!

This is a day to celebrate cowards and quitters, not judge them.

by 30 Seconds of Hell February 11, 2022

3rd of December

you know Conan Gray's song Heather? well, the 3rd of December is Heather day, as he mentions in his lyrics :
"i still remember, 3rd of December, me in your sweater"
so on the 3rd of December, wear a sweater.

-Oh shit its the 3rd of december...lemme get a sweater and cry to Heather all day :)

by tinyspaghettis October 31, 2020