1. A Gun, knife, or other weapon.
2. Anything used for the smoking of various drugs, most commonly marijuana, most commonly a pipe.
3. A graffiti mural.
4. A place.
5. Short - piece of shit.
6. Generic - anything.

1. This piece shoots nice, only cost $50.
2. Dude, nice piece! Let's smoke.
3. Yo, I threw up a hot piece down near 2nd.
4. Dude, I'ma bounce out this piece before drama goes down.
5. Dude, look at that car, what a fucking piece.
6. Yo, nice piece!

by KillerByte August 9, 2004

low pro po

Undercover police officers. (low profile police)

"those low pro po's swear we cant spot them in crown vics with no plates and a searchlight."

by eson December 17, 2003


1. One's personal business
2. One's teeth/smile

Why you all up in my grill, fool?
Damn boy, youre gonna get knocked in the grill.
Youre hella grillin!

by Yebeka December 20, 1999


A "dive" in which you hold your knees to your chest and hit the water with your fat ass with as much force as possible with the purpose of creating a gigantic splash, thus soaking everyone in the near vicinity.

That cannonball your mother just performed strangely reminded me of the movie "Deep Impact".

by Nick D November 23, 2004

Trick Out

Verb. Etymology: coming from the modern car tuning scene.
a phrase that means to modify a vehicle with as many types of aftermarket parts, performance or visual-wise, as are supported by that certain vehicle.

"As soon as i get my settlement check, im gonna trick out my ride"

by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003


(adjective, adverb, interjection) awesome; coined by the Street Sharks action figures and cartoon show


I did jawesome on that test.

by Diggs February 18, 2003

party foul

Something socially unacceptable done in a social gathering.

Kelly knocked his beer out of his hand. What a party foul.

by Stroll June 29, 2004