witch hair

on women, a fast-growing long single strand of hair that grows out of your face or chest

Ew! I just found a witch hair growing under my chin!

by neonRashes September 11, 2020

Air Jail

The act of holding a animal up as a punishment limiting their movement.

Person 1: My fat ass cat stole my chicken nuggets.

Person 2: Put him in air jail.

by 69nahfam420 January 18, 2023


The measure of how far back you wear a beanie. The further back you wear it on your head, the longer your beanis is (usually measured in inches).

"Wassup guys, my beanis is 8 inches long!"
"Well, guess what! My beanis is 10 inches long."

by nikesbskater1997 November 21, 2011

Acoustic Pussy

When you misplace your vibrator

Looked through my car, my bathroom, my closet, but i guess time to play the acoustic pussy tonight.

by Dig Bickus August 3, 2021

fuck you money

The exact amount of money required in order to tell an individual or organization to go fuck themselves without facing repercussions.

When I grow up I want to be a shitposter on the internet with 'fuck you money' like Notch.

by Phelen February 28, 2017

pig squeal

in hardcore bands and music the singer will make a squealing sound with his voice which sounds like a pig.

I love this song because of all the pig squeals.

by JamesLee January 4, 2008

Ankle sharking

When a cat (or other pet) stalks or winds around your ankles, weaving in and out, often brushing against your legs with its body and tail. Used as a compound verb. Also see the noun form: ankle shark.

Muffin's ankle sharking always ramps up when we sit down to dinner.

by JpodNi February 6, 2020