A paypig is the financial submissive in the dynamic of Financial Domination. Financial Domination is a fetish of power exchange which involves the transfer of money from sub to Domme as an act of ultimate submission, as money is the ultimate representation of power in our modern society. Paypigs are alternatively known as finsubs and money slaves.

In financial domination a paypig or money slave has no worth outside of pleasing his Money Mistress.

by Financial Domination History March 6, 2022


Used to describe the act of taking a sip from another person's beverage without touching one's lips to the rim of the container.

(It is interesting to note that only native Orange County residents know the true definition of this term)

1. Can I please have a birdie of your water, dude?

by Jenny March 8, 2005


A quick, messy but functional fix or workaround to a problem.

The server chassis was snapped in two, but I've kludged it together with electrical tape.

by Alli February 4, 2003


A Rolex watch that has been stolen, and now the thief is currently wearing the Rolex.

"Yo, check out that fool's Stolex."

by üb3r 1337 April 16, 2005

angelic yield

angelic yield (an-jel-ick yeeld)

“angelic yields” began as a trend in mid-september of 2021 as people started posting about refilling bathroom stalls with toilet paper. this trend is known as a parody to the “devious lick” trend, where people stole, vandalized, or showed off items of which they took primarily from their schools. this trend, however, counteracts it as more of a kindness rather than it being mischievous.

guy 1: “bro did you see that one guy that deviously licked the school’s toilets??”
guy 2: “yes, i hope he pays the school back by doing an angelic yield…”

by bussy_spreader_24 September 28, 2021


A new-comer to Alaska, ignorant of the terrain, the weather, the animals, the culture, the necessary driving skills in the winter, etc. Opposite of a sourdough.

-Did you see the 90-car pile-up on the Glenn Highway this morning on your way to work?
--Yeah, and how much you wanna bet that it was all caused by some goddamn Cheechako at the front of the pack?

by SS January 22, 2004

The Narrator

A male who, while engaged in sexual activity, will narrate, or provide commentary of events and actions as he makes them.

Kurt decided to be The Narrator last night, so I left.

by sublimelover420 April 17, 2010