Purple Pilled

To be neither Optimistic (Blue Pilled) or Pessimistic (Red Pilled), but to see things for what they are and accepting it. To be a Realist, to live in the Gray rather than the Black or White.

"Man, philosophy really makes you Purple Pilled, doesn't it?"

by MediaCite June 29, 2022

Luh calm fit

AKA: Calm luh fit

Slang for "Little calm fit" or "Calm little fit"

Used to describe an outfit that is "nun too crazy" or in other words: an outfit that is very plain or thrown together for the sake of being comfortable.

Also used sarcastically for an outfit that is over the top and opposite of a "calm little fit".

"I'm wearin' a luh calm fit nun ' to extreme "

by wumi October 8, 2023

suitcase pimp

In the porn industry, a suitcase pimp is an unemployed boyfriend/husband of a porn star who takes care of the details of the star's personal and/or business affairs.

Jenna Jameson's suitcase pimp brought her an iced caramel macchiatto and wiped the cum off her face after her scene was finished.

by jimbalaya September 9, 2006


a contraction of "spare change"


"I am going to spange on the corner for a beer"

by Cybelle November 28, 2006


corkage fee for cake

Some restaurants charge cakeage if you eat your own cake at the restaurant.

by Cyclone Odette November 14, 2008


English acronym standing for Away With The Fairies. Despite the inclusion of the word Fairies there is no implication of homosexuality in the expression. It is merely used to describe someone who is in a world of their own either because they are daydreaming or are thinking intensely and thus are oblivious to what is going on around them. The expression goes back to an old superstition, prevalent throughout Europe that fairies, wee folk, call them what you will, could steal a person's soul, leaving behind a husk that stared at nothing until it faded away and died.

Superstition aside, it came to be applied to people who became so engrossed in their own thoughts that they ignored what was going on around them. For a while it was used as a politically incorrect medical acronym written in a patient's notes to describe someone suffering from dementia or in a highly confused state of mind for some other reason. Fortunately it has fallen into disuse medically owing to its meaning becoming known to a wider audience. Its major use now is in the workplace where it describes someone who spends time staring into space rather than doing something useful.

"Malcolm must be thinking really hard, he's been staring at the wall for over an hour."
"Nah! Malcolm doesn't think, he's just AWTF."

by AKACroatalin April 14, 2015

Crotch Novel

A romance novel that contains drawn-out and very descriptive sex scenes. Mainly geared towards women, these novels are often corny, cheap, paperback-bound, and sold in drugstores and supermarkets.

"This crotch novel is mushier than the oatmeal I had for breakfast... But I still want to find out if Francesca marries Roberto or runs off with Don Juan..." *keeps reading*

by Spliffsicles July 6, 2012