Hagging - when you go to meet up with friends and it is agreed upon that no one is to put in any effort to make themselves look nice. Greasy hair, no makeup and trackies are all encouraged.

Hey Saz, I’ll be over at 7pm for movie night. You, Julie and Katie are hagging too, right?

by JCF88 June 5, 2023


A collective term for one's nieces and nephews

Your niblings will be arriving shortly.

by Mike Livingstone September 1, 2003

do you slap the dimpled balls?

Do you play golf?

Yo, do you slap the dimpled balls?

Fuck yeah I do!

by tinypastelchild February 13, 2017

corporate month

An annual month-long fundraising campaign taking place in June wherein the wealthiest corporations protect themselves with rainbow camouflage.

Financial Advisor: Sir, we're down in funds this quarter. What are we going to do?
CEO: We'll be fine. Corporate month is right around the corner.

by bin laden's anus April 17, 2023


A popular Icelandic concept denoting "the joy of being single" - a portmanteau of the Icelandic words 'Einn' (one, single, or alone) and 'Gleði' (joy).

'Are you going on any dates at the moment?'

'No, I'm in my Eingleði era'


'Did you stay over at someone's house last night?'

'Yeah, Eingleði bitch!'

by londonlivingwisely January 4, 2023

idk girl

A girl who doesn't know anything replies to everything with idk.

You: Hey whatsup?!
Random idk girl : idk

by invinciblesummer May 28, 2015


Being either afraid of the cold or feeling the cold a lot. Used across the Midlands of England and the north

"You nesh git, you don't need a coat."

by KerrAvon October 10, 2003